Monday, October 02, 2006

Me 'n Kiefer

So yesterday evening, I was fully resigned to an evening of sloth with Mr. Corso and the box set of Season One of the Lost DVDs, when Tia calls me up. "Are you interested in seeing Kiefer Sutherland?" she asks. "Twist my arm!" I reply. Apparently, he was in town promoting a documentary on a band - called I Trust You To Kill Me; I'd link it to something, but seriously, I don't have anything to link it to. I don't know the name of the band but wish I did; the music was quite good; to be really honest, we just snuck in at the end for the Q&A and I know that's cheesy of us, but I am nothing if not lazy.

High points: When we arrived at the Lumiere, there was a young Philip Seymour Hoffman-looking man in Indie dress surrounded by admiring folk; my guess is he was a music scenester. *ugh* Several people came up and did the half-hearted back-rub thing to him, which in my view is plenty argument for NOT becoming a musician. Anyway, me and Tia darted quietly into the theater and decided to stand along the back wall, so as not to step over people who were seated or disturb anyone. There was very little wall space, so Tia grabbed some wall, and I crouched in front of Tia. Two seconds later, Tia tugs at my sleeve and whispers in my ear, "He's standing right next to me!" Clearly he wasn't the guy with long hair to our left, so I tilted my head to my right, ever-so-slyly. Hey! Kiefer, lookin' all casual in black and surprisingly short! Tia and I immediately started looking WAY cooler than normal, as if we didn't just walk in at the last five minutes of his film. He went up and answered questions later (I couldn't hear them, but there was apparently a large faction of Lost Boys fans at the front, and one woman did offer him her phone number -- classy!).

I would sum the evening up by saying: I felt sort of like a geeky 16 year old, but it was fun. I mean, how often do you get to see one of your late teen/early college hearthrobs....and lean against his wallspace?


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