Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Reading? What's that?

I know it's been ages since I've written about reading books in a blog, since it's bad karma or something to have a bad or good opinion about anything these days, but can I just say how much I'm enjoying "Treasure Island"? I never got around to reading it when I was a kid, and it's probably just as well since I think mizzen masts would have been a little over my head, so to speak. But Stevenson captures some really true moments through young Hawkins' eyes, such as when the cruel old Captain, Billy Bones, dies so soon after Hawkins' own father does. Though Hawkins never liked the pirate, who has done nothing but cause his poor mother anguish and drive his father to an early grave from stress, young Jim bursts into tears at the sight, never having had a chance to mourn his own father. Something tells me this scene was left out of the set-in-the-future animated Disney version.

Off-topic (Free Tangent Diane here!) I also feel I must nudge anyone who may be reading this to please check out Lynn Peril's upcoming book tour dates to see if she is coming to a store near you (see link on the right!). The book is College Girls, a provocative, in-depth look at the history of women in...you guessed it!...college! Ms. Peril is a terrific Bay Area talent and we should all scramble to support this latest project. Go, Lynn!

Pirate Bars: The Wave of the Future

It's an idea that's reached its prime, don't you think?

Sure, we have a ride and a movie, but no theme bar! And sure, we have bars with jaunty names like the Bucaneer Bar or the Admiral Benbow, but...they're not really PIRATE bars, are they? There's no crusty old guy in the corner playing an accordian, and no serving wenches, and no sea shanties!

There really need to be sea shanties.

It struck me after visiting the Jekyll & Hyde Bar and Slaughtered Lamb Pub in Greenwich Village that if only there were slightly less cheesy, less tourist-oriented versions of such places here in the Bay Area, I'd probably go out more often. Right? I mean, pry my ass off a barstool at a pirate bar!

I'd do it myself, but I don't have half a mill or the know-how. Maybe someone out there reading this does, and will tell me about it. May I suggest the Potrero and Mission Districts as fabulous places to think about placing your business, sir or madam?

Just a thought, as I go back to reading "Treasure Island"...